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THE WONDERNATURE ASSOCIATION focuses on developing, improving, and promoting Gorski kotar as a rural region, with a strong emphasis on sustainability and enhancing the quality of life for its residents. Over the past few years, the association has successfully completed several local projects and has been now striving to expand its efforts to an international level. The ultimate aim is to enable a small community to access information more easily and stay in touch with European trends.



Successfully implemented Erasmus+ projects in the field of environmental protection, significant for the local population, many years of experience in activities related to the protection of the natural heritage of Gorski Kotar, and long-term cooperation with relevant associations make the association Wondernature a quality partner and stakeholder in the overall development of Gorski kotar.


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WONDERNATURE ASSOCIATION Vučnik 100, 51300 Delnice E: M: +385 91 182 9892

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